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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really afford a Catholic education at Bishop Carroll?

A Bishop Carroll education is more affordable than you think! We have scholarships, grants, and other financial aid sources available to our families and students. Many factors determine the amount of aid given to each family. In addition, we will do our best to make it affordable, so please call with any questions.


Is faith taught consistently throughout the curriculum?

Yes. In addition to religion classes and Catholic campus ministry, each teacher incorporates morals, faith, and Catholicism into their classrooms. Classes all begin with prayers and our teachers model the values taught by Jesus Christ. 


Is transportation provided?

Transportation is provided from cooperating public school districts. Please contact the public school district in which you reside to find out if they provide transportation to Bishop Carroll.


Are students of all faiths accepted at Bishop Carroll?

Yes. While Bishop Carroll is a Catholic School and we are adherent to the Catholic faith and doctrine, students of all faiths are accepted. All students must take religion courses at Bishop Carroll that are outlined by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.


When is the registration period?

Early registration begins in late January and runs through the end of May. Financial aid information is due by March 15. However, we do have open enrollment year round and late summer registrations will be accepted. Transfer students must submit more information before admission to Bishop Carroll is considered. Please call the school for more information.


Is the  technology at BCCHS up to date?

We are always adding new technology and updating our capabilities. New computers and computer programs have been installed. Most of our classrooms are equipped with SMARTBoards and digital projectors. We have initiated a One to One Program, where all of our teachers and students have laptops.  In addition, we have an agreement with Saint Francis University where our science labs can borrow any advanced equipment that they need and our Professor-in-residence students visit the campus for classes.