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 Bishop Carroll Catholic High School is in Ebensburg, the county seat of Cambria County, Pennsylvania.  Bishop Carroll Catholic is a private, independent Catholic high school.
Students typically come from small towns and rural communities. In August 2009, Bishop Carroll opened its own Aquinas Hall as a boarding house for international students, which presently could house 30 students.




The Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Middle States Association accredits Bishop Carroll Catholic High School.




Presently there are 34 members include 20 teachers, school counselor and language arts instructor.





Graduation from Bishop Carroll Catholic High School requires the satisfactory completion of no less than twenty-eight units of study in acceptable sequence.


   4.0       Credits - Religion

   4.0       Credits - English

   3.0       Credits - Social Studies

   4.0       Credits - Math

   4.0       Credits - Science

   2.0       Credits - Foreign Language/Language Arts

   2.0       Credits - Physical Education/Health

     .5      Credit   - Music/Art Appreciation

     .5      Credit   - Introduction to Computers

   1.0      Credit   - Accelerated Reader

   3.0       Credits - Elective Courses

 28.0       Credits


Admiral Peary Vocational Programs are offered.


20 hours of Community Service is an annual requirement.

28 hours Accelerated Reader points is an annual requirement.

Credit totals are evaluated on a case by case basis with transfer students and those enrolled at Admiral Peary Vo-Tech.


GRADING SCALE -   93 - 99  A

                                    85 - 92  B

                                    75 - 84  C

                        70 - 74  D

                                    Below 70 failure




Class ranking is determined by a weighted grading system. Honors - 1.05     Regular - 1.00     Advanced - 1.1         

Non-Weighted –0.00

The class rank is not included on the transcripts.





Honors courses are available in every core area.  Bishop Carroll Catholic offers the opportunity to earn college credit in the following subjects:


Advanced Trigonometry / Pre-Calculus

AP Calculus

Advanced Spanish 3

Advanced Spanish 4                                 

Advanced Physics                   

Advanced Anatomy and Physiology

AP Biology

Advanced Honors Chemistry

Modern American History/AP U.S. History

Advanced AP English 12

AP Computer Science

Advanced Accounting

Advanced Statistics

Advanced Business in Global Society

Francis Worldwide College Courses



SAT PROFILE - Mean Scholastic Aptitude Test Scores

            Class of 2023:                    Reading              636        

         (Top 30% of class)                    Math                    604                            




STATISTICS -   2023 Graduating Class  

                            Post Secondary Plans


           89 %   attend 2 to 4 year colleges or universities               

            11 %   work place or military

                 A total of 33 seniors (79%) took at least one dual enrollment class.  The students earned a total of 541 dual enrollment credits, or on average, 16 credits per student, which is equivalent to an entire semester of college.


Scholarships A grand total of over $1,000,000 in scholarship money was offered to the class of 2023.