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Extracurricular activities are a vital part of the Bishop Carroll experience and enrich students in ways that academics cannot. Bishop Carroll offers a broad activities program and encourages students to join at least one club, activity or athletic team.


Activities operate according to student interest and participation, and the school encourages students with special interests to make their suggestions known to school administrators so their ideas can be explored. Many activities and clubs are active in the community, offering students opportunities to live their faith by giving their time and talent to others.


More than 30 activities, clubs and organizations are open to students, including Bishop Carroll’s award-winning Drama Club, and many other worthwhile groups, including:


Art Club
Concert Band
Drama Club
International Club
Liturgical Choir
National English Honor Society
National Honor Society
Pro-Life Club
Reading Competition
Ski Club
Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)
Student Council
Student Ambassadors
Spanish Club

What is Esports?

In case you aren’t familiar with Esports, it’s the recreational and competitive environment that has been established through video games. To many people’s surprise, the amount of individuals that choose to engage in Esports through participation or viewership numbers in the hundreds of millions and has recently become over a billion dollar industry!

Similar to traditional sports, Esports is host to competitive leagues at the professional, amateur, collegiate, and high school levels. Becoming part of a high school Esports program allows students to begin seeing pathways and connections to similar fields and communities in high school and beyond.


What does Esports at BC look like?

The facility is a very exciting addition to our school!  This first-phase of the program includes 6 professional-grade gaming PCs.  From the towers and monitors, to the headsets, mice, keyboards, and the gaming chairs — everything is professional grade and we are ensuring that through our partnership with The Esports Company that our equipment maintains up-to-date. 

The BC Esports Gaming Center also includes a central command-hub where our program advisors can easily mentor and coach our students.  The space also works as a lounge and observatory for our players and spectators.


What games will be offered? 

As a member of one of our varsity Esports teams, you will be able to play OverwatchLeague of Legends, and Rocket League.  As our program continues to grow, we may add additional games and teams.