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Mission Statement

Our Mission

To educate the whole student in spirit, heart, mind and body, striving for excellence in these four pillars that form a strong foundation for life inside and outside of school.


Mission Statement


Bishop Carroll is a Catholic, co-educational high school operating within the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese. Bishop Carroll exists to educate students in spirit, heart, mind and body within a Catholic framework of gospel values to become the best possible members of their families, communities, church and world. To achieve this end, we rely on a dynamic academic program, based on traditional Christian values, supplemented and enriched by the collaboration of generous, talented people from the local community and church.




Bishop Carroll Catholic High School is a Catholic, co-educational secondary school, which acknowledges that each child is a unique creation of God with dignity and talents. Our faith challenges us to cherish each child’s spirit, heart, mind and body.  We strive to educate the total person in an atmosphere of love, discipline, and honor.

The school fosters growth in the Catholic faith in knowledge and in virtue.  As a Catholic community, we are called to provide spiritual direction and reinforcement so that our students will live to express their faith, demonstrating compassion and respect in their loving service to others.  All members of our community are called to be role models of the Catholic faith and of the gospel commandment of love.

Bishop Carroll provides a supportive environment where students can acquire academic knowledge and strive for academic excellence.  Our faculty and staff stress that it is equally important to learn to think critically, to discern truth wisely, to live by high ethical standards, and to think and act independently according to gospel values.

Our faith centered community acknowledges that the best possible students are products of vital interacting forces – our church with all of its traditions and teachings, a challenging curriculum, a dedicated staff, active families, and a community that offers learning opportunities and support.  To enrich the learning experiences of our students we enlist the aid of many generous, talented people from our community and church.

Bishop Carroll Catholic High School will continue to provide an atmosphere where students are prepared for the educational and employment challenges of the future.  We will continue to strive to empower young people to be role models of the Catholic faith, sustain an intellectual curiosity about the world, remain joyous in their humanity, and demonstrate love in their personal relationships and service to others.