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This Program of Studies has been drawn up in order to guide the students of Bishop Carroll Catholic High School toward the orderly development of all their powers and capabilities - spiritual, moral, mental, physical, social, and emotional.


Parents, as well as the students, are encouraged to study the contents of this Program of Studies in order to assist their sons and daughters in the selection of an appropriate course of study.


The selection of a student's program is an important matter which should be worked out carefully by the student and his or her parents with the help of the school counselor and teachers.  The selection should be based on the student's abilities, interests, aptitudes, willingness to work, and future vocational and educational plans.


Parents should feel free to contact the counselor at any time during the school day to discuss a student's program and academic progress. 

The number is 472-7500 Ext 122.


Parents and students are reminded that recommendation of a student for post-secondary education or job placement upon graduation from Bishop Carroll depends upon the following criteria:


            (a)  Quality of scholastic work in high school as evidenced by school grades and teacher's evaluations.


            (b) Suitability of high school subjects successfully passed for the type of post-secondary education or employment the graduate wishes to follow.


            (c)  Intellectual, emotional, and social maturity of the graduate as evidenced by the high school record and faculty evaluation.