Brock Delauter is a 2020 graduate of Bishop Carroll.  While attending Admiral Peary, he studied in the electrical program, which he said has helped him immensely in his current work.  Brock recently moved to Sheridan, Wyoming, and is working as an aircraft mechanic and is in charge of making sure there aren’t any issues with the airplanes and performing maintenance to keep them in the air.  He says this includes easy fixes such as adding oil to the engine or a major inspection with an overhaul of the plane to make sure it is safe for takeoff.  The company he works for works closely with the Department of Defense and the Bureau of Land Management.  He works on planes that fly over wildfires that have smokejumpers parachute out to fight fires.  His job takes him many places, including Alaska and currently overseas.

Brock spoke very highly of his time at Admiral Peary and BC, saying, “Vo-Tech taught me how to work hard and admit to my mistakes.  There’s no shame in doing something wrong as long as you learn and take something away from that mistake.  Even though airplane electronics operate very differently than house electronics, Vo-Tech helped me build a foundation that I now use on a daily basis.

Max Kline is a 2020 graduate of Bishop Carroll and studied masonry at Admiral Peary.  While there, he learned the basics of masonry and after graduation, joined the Bricklayers Union Local 9.  He has worked as an apprentice for three years, learning as much as he could from the journeymen.  At his union hall, they have an apprentice competition, and the winners advance to the skills competition in Las Vegas.  He has made it to the contest twice!

Max has many positive things to say about his high school experiences, adding, “Vo-Tech gave me a great head start and time ahead of a lot of other apprentices.”  On his current occupation, he commented, “A big plus of joining a union is your training is all paid for and no student loans.  Overall, I’m now a journeyman bricklayer and the best advice I have for anyone wanting to go into any trade is to show up on time every day, learn by watching the older guys, don’t be on your phone at work, and work hard.  It will pay off!”

Willim Tursich graduated from BCCHS in 2021.  He studied machining at Vo-Tech and continued that in a training program at New Century Careers.  After 8 months, he graduated with a certificate in manual lathes and mills.  He came back to the area and was able to find work immediately in his field.  Willy commented, “To this day, I’m still machining, and I thoroughly enjoy it!”

Dustin Farabaugh is a 2023 graduate of Bishop Carroll.  He attended Vo-Tech for electrical technology and is currently a RNC (Residential New Construction) electrician for Allied Mechanical and Electric.  He said that Vo-Tech taught him what he needed to know in order to create a career in the electrical field.  He said it was helpful at Vo-Tech that they brought companies in to speak with students about job placement after graduation.  He has great advice for current students, saying, “Go to Vo-Tech to learn a trade you are interested in and it will help you to get started working in the field faster and at a higher rate.  If you are serious about working in the trades, going to Vo-Tech is definitely something you should do!”

Congratulations to each on their successes!  We look forward to seeing you do more in your crafts and inspire current students to follow your paths!