Fly Away With Matthew Cramer

Matthew Cramer is training to become a third generation pilot.  He was introduced to flying as a baby, spending countless hours growing up at the airport working on airplanes with his father and would jump in a plane and fly with many different pilots who Matthew says, became like family to him.  He says that when he is flying, “There is a peacefulness about it.  Whenever I am in the sky, all the problems that I am facing just disappear.”

The aircraft that Matthew is currently flying is a Piper Warrior, which is a low wing, 160 horsepower trainer aircraft.  He states, “Although it is underpowered, I do love this aircraft.  The airplanes that I hope to fly in the future are private jets, then eventually aircraft for airlines.”

Matthew explains that there are many steps to becoming a certified pilot.  He says that the first thing to do is to get in touch with a local flight school, such as Innovative Aviation and Mountain Top Aviation, where he began with an introductory flight, which gives someone a chance to fly the plane under guidance and supervision to determine if it truly is an interest.  After deciding and making a commitment, the school will start teaching the basics of flight and landings.  After many hours of instruction and testing, the instructor will determine if someone is ready for their first solo flight.  After the solo flight comes the written requirements.  The next step would be to prepare for a cross-country flight and finally a check ride.  A check ride is the “final exam,” and if the pilot can demonstrate all of the requirements of flight and handles the aircraft well, a private pilot’s license will be issued.

Matthew plans to make a career in aviation as a pilot.  He explains, “First, I need to get a job flying twins to build flight time for the total requirement of 1500 hours of flight time that all airlines require.  I then plan on getting a job with the airlines.”

He is truly grateful for the classes he is taking at Bishop Carroll, saying how much they have prepared him for a career in flight.  “Being a pilot requires a lot of knowledge of math and geography.  Without these core subjects, I would probably end up in another state and run out of fuel because I wouldn’t know the basic calculations for fuel burn or time enroute!”

Matthew believes that flying is truly an inspiring experience.  “Being in the sky is an experience that everyone should have.  It is hard to describe being up there, but a word I would use is ‘breathtaking.”

Good luck to Matthew as he pursues his full pilot’s license!  We look forward to this interesting hobby becoming a fulfilling career for this young man!

Included in this article are several pictures that Matthew has taken from the skies, including a familiar sight!