Emily Bennett was the valedictorian of the Class of 2023.  She is currently attending West Virginia University, majoring in Wildlife and Fisheries Resources, while also being a member of the Club Rifle Team, the Honors College, and is part of Mountaineer Catholics.  She said that she had an easier time adjusting to college than most of her classmates because BC taught her to write papers, take good notes, study well, and manage her time.  She adds that with the dual enrollment courses she took, she will gradaute in three years.  About her religious experience, she adds, “The faith component at Bishop Carroll was a blessing beyond words for me.  The faith that I encountered through my classes, teachers, and friends is what sparked my interest in Catholicism and later my desire to become a Catholic.  Now, I am able to dive deeper into the faith that I found at BC and I have started my RCIA classes!  I attend daily Mass and Adoration.  I am excited to see where God is leading me!”  She hopes that BC continues to grow and provide opportunities for current and future students. She advises all students to take advantage of the opportunities placed in front of them.  Emily says, “Don’t limit yourself.  Take hard classes and put in the work because it will be beneficial after graduation.  There are endless possibilities out there that you might have never considered before.  Do not be afraid to expand beyond your comfort zone.  Freshmen should truly explore the faith presented at BC and take it seriously.  And parents, sending your children to Bishop Carroll will be a decision you will never regret making!

Madison Ostinowsky was the 2023 recipient of the Faber J. Malloy Award.  She is currently attending Penn State Altoona and will eventually transition to the main campus, majoring in Computer Science.  She believes that BC helped prepare her for college by teaching time management and organization skills.  She also believes that BC gave her the necessary beginnings for her classes and prepared her for her current courses.  She says that the faith foundations created here have been one of the most important factors in her transition to college.  She added, “Studying in a faith-based environment has nurtured my mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being.  I find that centering my learning experience around a moral base creates stability and focus, enabling me to thrive.  Even though my school is not a Catholic school, I still find ways to express my faith, attending Mass regularly, praying daily, and I have a crucifix in my room.”  She hopes that BC continues to grow the STREAM program, and she would love to see enrollment continue to increase so that more students can have an experience like she had.  She advises current students to get involved.  She commented, “At BCCHS, we are like a family.  Contribute.  Volunteer.  Join a team.  Join a club.  It adds to the experience.  Look into the curriculum that is offered and don’t cheat yourself out of educational opportunities.  There are countless career pathways and college credits that students are eligible to take that will build a solid foundation for the future.  To all parents, from my perspective, this foundation has shaped and prepared me for a solid and prosperous future.  Sending your children to BC will be a decision you will never regret!”

Teresa Golden was a nominee for the Faber J. Malloy Award and one of the most active students during her time on Husky Hill. She is currently studying business at Mount Aloysius College in their MBA 4+1 program, and is a member of the Honors Program, Clay Shooting Team, Business Club, and Campus Ministry.  Of her time at BC, Teresa said, “BC gave me the tools, knowledge and confidence to work hard and succeed in my college courses, no matter the difficulty.  The study skills I developed have been invaluable, and my first few weeks of college have been less stressful thanks to my time at BC.”  She truly believes that her faith education at BC has been the foundation for who she is as a person.  Teresa commented, “The religion courses, Mass, Adoration, Penance, prayer before class, and retreats really contributed to my Catholic faith.  I am grateful for the opportunities that BC gave me to serve the Lord, and I am confident to continue to live my faith and share it with others.  My devotion to Christ, the Blessed Mother, and the Holy Saints will help me to continue to grow as a Catholic young adult and live the ideals I was taught so caringly by the extremely dedicated faculty and staff at BCCHS.”  Just like Emily and Madison, Teresa hopes that BC continues to grow, providing the same opportunities to others that she was fortunate enough to experience. She encourages all students to give time to the school community, adding, “BC has a fantastic network of individuals who provide students and families with enriching educational and spiritual experiences.  You will never regret giving your time to the school.  Appreciate each moment of the year, as they fade away in the future.  And always remember that Bishop Carroll gave you a great start!”

 Good luck to all three of these 2023 graduates.  Bishop Carroll is proud of the young women you have become!