Welcome Class of 2027

It’s an exciting back-to-school season at Bishop Carroll as the class of 2027—52 strong—begins its high school journey. Join us in welcoming them to our school family and please continue to pray for all our students in the 2023-24 year.

Heavenly Father,

Please watch over Bishop Carroll students in the new school year. Bless their teachers, school administrators, bus drivers, school support staff, parents and families. Keep them safe every day.

I pray they may feel Your presence and know that You are always with them. Give them wisdom to make good choices, and an openness to learn new things. Fill them with knowledge and positive thinking. Help them overcome obstacles and shield them from negativity.

Surround them with good friendships. Help them treat each other with kindness, fairness, and respect. May they treat each person they encounter as another child of God. Grant them the Grace to place their trust in You so they may know Your peace. Amen