Enrollment has been steady, with marked growth both on Husky Hill as well as at our outstanding partner grade schools.

 EITC funds provide tuition assistance for our families.  Many qualify for the program, which allows individuals to divert PA tax dollars to BC.  Contact the school for more information on how to do this!

 Curriculum development is always occurring at Bishop Carroll.  We strive to grow our course offerings to our students to provide them with the classes they need for success in college and life.  We also have a great partnership with Admiral Peary Vo-Tech, allowing students a technical path.

 Faith is at the forefront of everything at Bishop Carroll.  We continue to offer our students the same religious opportunities such as Mass, Reconciliation, Stations of the Cross, and retreats.  This year, we have brought back First Friday Adoration in addition to establishing a Rosary Club.

 Athletic Opportunities are made available to our students in a wide variety of interests.  If BC is unable to sponsor a sport, we strive to look for co-ops for our students to still be able to play the sports they love, such as Bishop Carroll’s  partnership with Conemaugh Valley for hockey.

 Facility Upgrades are planned for spring and early summer.  Recent grants have been written to upgrade the chapel (new carpeting, lighting, furniture, and stained glass windows) and create a STREAM Lab.  We also have a matching donation from Mr. Fred Goltz to convert the library into the Ursula Pawlowski media center.  If all goes as planned, all of these upgrades will begin in the coming months.  To find out more information about these projects or to make a donation, please contact the school.

PICTURED: Proposed updates to the BCCHS Chapel, including new carpeting, lighting, stained glass windows, and furniture.