Fr. Jeremiah on the importance of STREAM opportunities for students

In addition to seeking contributions for the important initiative to add a K-12 STREAM lab, Bishop Carroll is working to secure funds from sources such as grants. Recently Fr. Jeremiah provided a letter in support of the project that offers a unique and important point of view. You can read the full letter below. Contributions to the STREAM lab can be made through the alumni office or by designating your online gift to STREAM.



To whom it may concern,


As a Benedictine monk and Roman Catholic priest, a parish pastor, and a Catholic high school chaplain and instructor my experience in all these roles has made clear that a firm, mature, Christian Catholic faith is made all the more so through the employ of critical thinking skills. At first glance, that may strike a casual observer as odd given that our culture promotes that faith is unreasonable and cannot withstand a critical and thoughtful consideration. In fact, the opposite is the case. Our Catholic intellectual heritage has always stressed the harmony of faith and reason and how one cannot fully be explored and appreciated absent the other. In the course I teach to high school seniors at Bishop Carroll the use of reason and critical thinking skills is central to allow students to know not only the ‘what’ of our faith and Church, but just as importantly, the ‘why.’ Considering the above I am very supportive of our school’s initiative to develop and implement a STREAM curriculum. As the approach to education, it stresses the utilization and development of critical thinking skills across the spectrum of courses, I believe that finds a unique place in a Catholic high school which seeks to serve the whole person and provide students with the tools to discern and explore meaningful careers and life paths, while simultaneously fostering their spiritual well being and service as intelligent, informed, mature disciples of Jesus Christ. I can think of no other approach to education which so best serves not only our Church but the needs of our entire culture and world.


Again my gratitude for this opportunity the consideration of our school and students.



Respectfully yours in Christ,



Fr. Jeremiah G. Lange, O.S.B., Ph.D.

Saint Nicholas Roman Catholic Church

Saint Nicholas Catholic School

Bishop Carroll Catholic High School