Former BC Student Supports Students with $10,000 EITC Donation

Alyse Maslonik, Founder & CEO of Redefined Advisors, attended Bishop Carroll thanks to a need-based scholarship fueled by alumni support. She recently paid it forward with a donation through her company’s EITC donation. Here’s what Alyse had to say about her gift:

“18 years ago I received a need-based scholarship from Bishop Carroll Catholic High School to attend their school. A stranger decided to direct their tax dollars to the EITC program at BC, which funded the scholarship I received to make tuition affordable for my mom.

Without that scholarship, my attendance would have been impossible. I had a mom that worked extremely hard, but her hourly wage did not remotely compare to the value she brought to her employer.

Our family’s story is not rare. Many hard-working families find themselves in situations that keep them from obtaining a better or more structured education for their children. To me, that scholarship made all the difference.

When I started a company that focused on developing these scholarships for other students, Bishop Carroll Catholic High School (the same school that gave me that scholarship as a child) was the FIRST school to take a chance on my new business.

I gave them my word that I would do all that I could to repay them for believing in me and giving me this chance to change lives. A year later, our company has raised millions of dollars for students.

It’s been one amazing journey and it all started with Bishop Carroll Catholic High School.

Today, I kept the promise that I made to them a year ago and was able to personally donate $10,000 to their students for tuition assistance.

Today was an emotional, profound and humbling day for me.

I know that this donation will change the life of another child, just like me, that was born into a situation that wasn’t representative of their true potential.

I urge everyone- every PA resident that typically pays PA state taxes to give RedefinED a call at 814-419-5505. We can help you make this kind of difference for students with your tax dollars, too. “