Katie Ludwig, Senior – I like going to Bishop Carroll for many reasons.  Not only do we get a great education, but we are also centered around our faith.  Prayer is a very important part of our day.  Our teachers encourage us to look to God when we struggle in school or have other problems.  Our teachers are also very supportive of every student.  They always push us to do our best and they want us to succeed.

 Karole Mazzaferri, Senior International Student from Italy – The thing that makes BC a good place is that the people are really nice, and if you have something wrong or different, they help you deal with it.  Students are very inclusive, and they make you feel that the school is your home, even 7,000 miles away.  The teachers are kind and always ready to help whoever needs it.

 Tobey Becquet, Junior – The education at Bishop Carroll makes us great.  We have high expectations and are constantly pushed to do our best.

 Dan Yunetz, Senior – The faculty and staff create an environment that promotes learning and positivity.

 Thomas Urbain, Senior – Something that makes Bishop Carroll great is the sense of community.  You get to know all our teachers and they get to know you.  You know everyone that goes here.  It’s like one big family.

 Teresa Golden, Senior – One thing that I love about Bishop Carroll is the welcoming environment and the dedicated teachers and staff.

 Mary Golden, Junior – Bishop Carroll is a great school because of all the opportunities available to us.  You can join so many clubs and sports.  There is something for everyone here.

 Grant Casses, Junior – The school is great because the teachers are really good at their jobs.  They are passionate and knowledgeable.  Many of the teachers are also very relatable and make for good influences.

 Emily Bennett, Senior – Bishop Carroll has wonderful teachers that encourage students to grow in their learning, as a person, and in faith.