Replacing the Irreplaceable: Good Wishes for Mr. Strittmatter

In 1982, Mr. Bob Strittmatter joined the custodial staff at Bishop Carroll, anticipating that he’d eventually get back to his previous career in auto body repair. Forty years later he is retiring from Husky Hill as the longtime Head of Maintenance.

“To say that Bob is hard-working, loyal and dedicated is an understatement. He has gone above and beyond in his entire career at Bishop Carroll, making sure our building and grounds are both functional and appealing, all for the benefit of our faculty, students and visitors to campus,” said Business Manager Lynn Weber. “He treated every single person he encountered with kindness and respect. Bob embodies what it means to be part of the Bishop Carroll family.”

Following a recent health issue, Mr. Strittmatter has had to retire. But during his time at BC he managed everything from snow removal to landscaping and Smartboard installation to maintaining the gymnasium floor. He told the Tribune-Democrat is 2013, “I probably walk about five or six miles everyday walking around this building,” he said. “You’re always hustling.”

With Mr. Strittmatter’s retirement, BC is seeking a new head of maintenance. Mrs. Weber acknowledged that while it will be tough to “replace someone as irreplaceable as Bob,” administrators are hopeful that someone with his work ethic and character will be interested in filling the role.

Please join the current faculty, staff and student body in thanking Mr. Strittmatter for his 40 years of service at Bishop Carroll and keep him in your prayers for a healthy and happy retirement.