While physics and math are taught at Bishop Carroll, some students take those skills and apply them to other activities.  John Yahner took the skills he learned and turned them into a bridge design award!

The TSA (Technology Student Association) sponsors many STEM related competitions.  John Yahner participated in the structural engineering competition, where he and his partner Caleb (a Northern Cambria student) were tasked with building a bridge that fits certain specifications and dimensions.  Their bridge was 16’ long spanning a 13” gap and was made out of bass wood and glue.

 After their victory at the regional conference, they attended states at Seven Springs, where they were also victorious.  Their bridge weighed slightly more than an ounce and could hold about 270 pounds of weight.  They were judged on the efficiency (how much it held and how much it weighed).  John and Caleb are set to attend nationals in Dallas, Texas during the month of June.  John stated, “Over the years of doing this, I have gained a lot of knowledge about how forces in structures are dispersed.  My partner and I both will be following this path into college and with civil engineering.

 Congratulations John!  Good luck at Nationals!