Parents of Alumni Remain Dedicated to Student Succes

Since its founding in 1961 Bishop Carroll exemplifies one of the hallmarks of Catholic education, a sense of family. The phrase “It’s more than a school, it’s a family” isn’t a slogan, it’s a reality to which many students, faculty, alumni, and families will attest. Among them is the Capon family: Tony, Kathy, Brad ’01 and Michael ’03.

Bishop Carroll is a tribute to the grandparents, parents, relatives who have believed in and supported Catholic education. “Tony and I moved to Ebensburg in 1979 and had not shared in the rich generational family histories at BC. However, the sacrifices that were made by other families to ensure Catholic education for children in the area, including our sons, became apparent to us.”

Making a difference now and for the future: annual giving & endowment giving

“We established The Capon Family Endowment in 2007. Each year this endowment has enabled a need-based gift for one family to send their child(ren) to BC. Establishing our endowment pays tribute to the past, previous families who supported BC, and the future by providing educational financial assistance and to deserving families for their children to attend BC,” Kathy said.

“For the Annual Bishop Carroll Appeal, this year we are focusing our gift on clubs and activities the students look forward to at the end of their school day. For us, it’s all about the kids having what they need to succeed,” Kathy continued.

“When our sons were at BC, we were very involved,” Kathy said. She was a board member and volunteered for various fundraising events, like the golf tournament. “Plus, many of our closest friends were also BC parents, so the school was truly a central a part of our lives.” In many ways, it still is, even though their sons have graduated and Tony and Kathy have moved to Connecticut.

“Living outside the area hasn’t changed our desire to see Bishop Carroll thrive,” Kathy said. “We stay in touch with friends and directly with the school so that we can stay informed about BC’s goals and challenges.” The Capons also visit regularly to see friends and always make a point to check in at BC.

“Kathy has been an important resource for Bishop Carroll, not only as a donor, but as a loyal friend of our school,” said Alumni Director Annalisa (Snair) McCann ’97. “She is knowledgeable about grants and endowments and helps out on an ongoing basis, doing research and helping to apply for different sources of funding. Plus, she genuinely cares about how Bishop Carroll is doing.”

In addition to being generous with time, Kathy and Tony have been consistent in their support as donors, making significant annual contributions and creating an endowment for Bishop Carroll at the Independent Catholic Foundation.

“Endowments are so important, yet not well-known,” Kathy said. “They are designed specifically for BC’s future success.”

“I think some people have the perception that to contribute toward an endowment you need to make a $10,000 investment,” she continued. “While you can establish a new endowment with a $10,000 gift, you can make a contribution of any amount to support the existing endowments that benefit BC.”

Currently, Brad lives in Glastonbury, Connecticut, with his wife Laura, and their four-year-old, Millie. Brad is a Deputy Director at the CT Judicial Branch. Kathy enjoys the challenges of a four-year-old! Michael lives in Chesapeake, Virginia, with his wife Jamie, Abby, 8, and Nolan, 6. Michael works for the US Customs and Immigration Services.


Photo 1 - Tony and Kathy

Photo 2 - Brad, Laura, Millie

Photo 3 - Mike, Jamie, Abby, and Nolan