Alumni Spotlight - Lucas Hutsky

During the month of November, we recognized all Bishop Carroll Catholic High School alumni who have gone on to serve in the military.  One individual still serving is 2016 graduate Lucas Hutsky.


After graduating from BCCHS, Lucas attended the University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg as a pre-engineering student before transferring to Carlow University as a political science major the following year.  He then put his education on hold and enlisted in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard as a 13 Juliet, Fire Control Specialist.  After graduating from Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training, he returned to his National Guard unit and attended the University of Pittsburgh, graduating in December 2020 with a BA in Political Science and a minor in History.


Lucas explains that his involvement and interest in the military came from a lack of direction.  “Like most high school students, I did not really know what I wanted to do when I graduated high school.  I made plans to pursue a specific academic goal, but my desired profession seemed to change often.”  He explained that during his time at BC, he learned about great military leaders and felt inspired by their lives.  Lucas also says that Mr. Grosser was a great source of guidance for him in high school, as Mr. Grosser also served in the military.  He said, “Besides his military experience, Mr. Grosser was a teacher who showed genuine interest in his students and was always there to offer guidance as best he could.  I was extremely honored to receive my first salute from him.”  A first salute is a tradition when a newly commissioned officer is saluted by an enlisted military member and is presented with a silver dollar by said officer.  In joining the military, Lucas said, “I was humbled to join the ranks of my heroes.”


Lucas’ military career started in college as an uncontracted cadet in Pitt’s ROTC program, the Three Rivers Battalion.  His enlistment in the PA Army National Guard as a Private First Class came in January 2018.  He attended basic training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  Upon completion of his training and his return home, he has held various positions through the Guard and his ROTC program, while simultaneously attending the University of Pittsburgh.  He earned his commission as a Second lieutenant in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard in January of 2021 and in May 2021 he began his training as an infantry officer.  At the time of this writing, he is serving at Bravo Company as a platoon leader.


Lucas feels very blessed to have attended Bishop Carroll.  “I went to a school that helped to shape and enforce my foundation of faith and morality, things that are greatly lacking in this world.  I learned the value of hard work while at Bishop Carroll, which carried on to my time as a full-time student and cadet at Pitt.  I attribute my sense of duty and patriotism to both institutions, as they have both helped me better appreciate the beautiful country that has done so much for me.  I feel that this is the best way for me to give back.”  Fully believing that education never ends, he will take advantage of any additional training that comes his way, such as air assault, pathfinder, and ranger school, if possible.  Personally, he hopes to eventually settle down and start a small family, but insists that, “That type of life goal needs to happen naturally, and not be rushed.”


Lucas’ goals are to further both his civilian and military career.  Currently, as a civilian, he works for Enterprise as a management trainee and aspires to become a manager of a branch within a few years.  He can’t say enough about Enterprise as a company, and says they do a great deal to train their new employees.  For his military career, he hopes to be promoted soon after his time as a platoon leader ends, first as an executive officer and eventually a company commander.


Lucas advices students who are considering a career in the military after high school to, “Go for it!  Go out and talk to a recruiter and talk about your options.  Whether you’re interested in going the officer route or being enlisted, each one has its own level of importance.  One cannot exist without the other.  Regardless of your chosen position in the military, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.  That is not to say your experience will always be easy.  Expect to be challenged when joining the military, but the feeling of personal satisfaction when you accomplish your goal, is truly amazing.  To quote General George S. Patton, “I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs, but how high he bounces when he hits bottom.”


Thank you, Lucas, for your continued service to our country!  Students interested in a military career can contact the BC Guidance Office for more information!