The Value of a Catholic Education

Children are the future.  This is the phrase we hear quite often, and it is a true statement.  One day kids will grow into young adults and shape the world.  But how do you shape the world? You need people with integrity, faith, courage, wisdom, and love.  That is why it is so crucial to equip our children with all the necessary tools to form the world into what it is supposed to be, what it was and is destined to be, i.e., the Kingdom of God.  Catholic Education can help students grow in spirit, heart, mind, and body to make that happen.  

The aim of the Catholic Schools is not just to provide a quality education, but primarily to make God present in the lives of our children.  That is achieved through numerous ways of prayer, religion classes being taught every day, yearly retreats, and celebration of the Sacraments, especially the Most Holy Eucharist in the Mass.  The students in Catholic Schools are taught how the world really works, what is true, good, and beautiful.  And having learnt how wonderfully God made them and the universe, they will be ready to face the world that needs brave and faith-filled people to make God present there as well.   

The world today is certainly a very confusing place, where truth is twisted to fit a particular narrative.  It is the world in which morality is distorted to accommodate people‚Äôs vices and selfish desires.  It is very easy to get lost in the storm of life that is swirling without aim.  The goal of Catholic Schools is to provide the necessary tools to sort through all this confusion and at times hostility to the people of faith.  The only true reality is the reality of God and His design for this world, which cannot give you the answers to the most fundamental questions about life, human suffering, and destiny.  

In conclusion, the Kingdom of God is coming.  It is the future.  In this perspective, Catholic Schools are preparing students to start building it up today.  The world needs brave people with faith.  God chooses to sanctify this world by empowering those who put their faith in Him.  He always worked through Saints.  Catholic Schools aim to produce saints who will make God present in this world and let the light of their faith shine through the darkness of this world.