Family Spotlight - The Seymours

Over 60 years ago, Walter and Jeanne Seymour of Loretto made the decision to send their five youngest children – Raymond, Teresa, Beverly, Celene, and Annette - to the new Bishop Carroll High School in Ebensburg.  Ray was in the first graduating class, and, other than a few years away between 1963 and 1969, he has been a permanent fixture on Husky Hill.  Ray truly loves Bishop Carroll, and is proud of his children, grandchildren, and extended family who are also BC graduates, with several more coming in the next few years.

 Ray met his wife, Patty Riccella, while they were both attending Saint Francis University.  They raised five children of their own in Loretto – Regis, Anthony, Maria, Angela, and Brian, all of whom are Bishop Carroll graduates.  Regis’ wife Becky (Garrett), and her brothers Fr. Thomas More (Billy) and Glenn, and sister Melissa are also BC alumni.  Ray’s sister Carolyn and her husband Bob have sent their five children through Bishop Carroll as well.  Ray and Patty have 14 grandchildren, all of whom have or will attend Bishop Carroll Catholic High School.

Ray believes in the mission of Bishop Carroll, as is evident in his 53 years on staff.  He said, “It is the best way to pass on the beauty and truth of the Catholic faith to the next generation.  Bishop Carroll has provided everyone in our family a common educational experience emphasizing service to others.”

Granddaughter Tia Bradley, who will graduate from BCCHS in May summed up what this school means to her family.  “Bishop Carroll means the world to my family.  It is amazing to see the generations that have passed through before me, and there are still many more little ones to graduate from this amazing school.  Bishop Carroll has provided me with amazing friends and a lifetime of knowledge.  Each teacher cares so much for their students and offer any help they can.  I am a big supporter of the Catholic education that I have had my whole life, and I know Bishop Carroll will be a great fit for many others!”

Ray and Patty know and believe in Catholic education.  Both attended Catholic grade school, high school, and college.  They stated, “The value of a Catholic education is not only in acquiring knowledge, but of using that knowledge for the greater glory of God and his creation.”  They put that at the forefront of their lives as members of the Basilica of Saint Michael the Archangel in Loretto, where they have volunteered countless hours in various capacities. 

In addition to teaching Spanish and Latin at BCCHS, Ray has taught Latin at Saint Francis University, and for many years has also taught Spanish at Saint Michael School in Loretto.  Ray has made an impact on countless individuals and families over the years and hopes that others will come to know what he knows about Bishop Carroll.  “If you’re looking for a school that strives to educate the whole person both mind and spirit, BC is the place for your children.  I hope that more parents will understand that the best way for them to fulfill the promise that they made when they baptized their children is to make use of the great gift of a Catholic education.  Obviously, this goal can only be reached if the parents make their home a domestic church.”

Ray and Patty’s children show much gratitude to their parents for providing them with a Catholic education.  Angela remarked, “Bishop Carroll has solid, Christian values and high academic standards.  Bishop Carroll Catholic High School’s education is a one-of-a-kind learning experience.  The teachers focus on educating the whole child, spirit, heart, mind, and body.”  Maria (Seymour) Bradley, who has put three of her own kids through BCCHS echoes the beliefs of her parents.  “My hope for the future of Bishop Carroll is that more parents recognize the unique opportunities that come from a Catholic education.