Family Spotlight - The Carneys

In 1963, Charlene (Chirdon) Carney, walked across the stage and graduated from Bishop Carroll High School, wearing a Husky pin that was given to her as a member of the first graduating class.  58 years later, she has not only passed on that pin to her granddaughter, but has also passed on her love of Bishop Carroll.

 While a student at Bishop Carroll, Charlene choreographed and taught the dances for all of the school musicals.  She believes this experience helped inspire her to open a dance studio upon graduation.  Charlene’s School of Dance opened in the fall of 1963 and is still operating today.

 Allison is pleased to be following in her grandmother’s footsteps.  She said that everyone at the school has been so welcoming, and she loves the school spirit that everyone has.  She explained, “It was so much fun to be able to pick all of the clubs that I am now a part of in school.”  She also feels privileged to carry on the family tradition at BC. “I’m proud to receive a quality Catholic education at the same school that my grandmother graduated from.”  Charlene was pleased that her son and daughter-in-law chose to send Allison to Bishop Carroll, saying, “I am sure she will get a quality education there like I did, and that makes me happy.”

 Allison is very much looking forward to her four years here on Husky Hill, especially the opportunities to have a variety of classes, meeting new people, growing spiritually, and being able to participate in a lot of fun school activities.  “As a BC student,” she explained, “I know that I will be challenged, but it will be worth it.  It means a lot to know that I am part of a group of students and alumni who are proud members of the Bishop Carroll Community.”  Charlene’s hope for Bishop Carroll Catholic High School moving forward is that the school will have the support needed to continue providing a great experience for its students.

 As Allison proudly wears her pin, she has nothing but compliments for her grandmother.  “She’s very loving and devoted to her family and her Catholic faith,” said Allison.  “She’s a hard worker and has been a role model for me and many others through her dance school, which she remarkably started when she was 17 years old.  She always inspires me and others to do our best.”

 The entire Bishop Carroll Community is proud of Charlene’s accomplishments, as she has taught dance to countless numbers of Huskies over the years, with several still learning at Charlene’s School of Dance.  Additionally, we are proud to have the Carney family as part of our Bishop Carroll family and look forward to the great things that Allison will do on Husky Hill.  We also look forward to seeing her proudly wear her grandmother’s Husky pin at her graduation in 2025, 62 years after her grandmother did the same thing.



Allison Carney (BC Class of 2025), with her grandmother, Charlene (Chirdon) Carney, (BC Class of 1963).  Allison is wearing her grandmother’s Husky pin.