Alumni Spotlight - Ryan Skomra

This summer, Bishop Carroll Catholic High School made a change in providers for Information Technology.  One company stood out among the rest in its ability to take care of all of the schools IT needs.  CJAWS, Inc., owned and operated by Ryan Skomra, Bishop Carroll Class of 1999, was awarded the contract. 


After graduating from BCCHS, Ryan briefly attended UPJ before taking a more direct career path.  He began classes at CLN (later YTI) in Altoona in Network Administration.  In that hands-on program, he was able to gain knowledge more quickly than the traditional college path and felt more prepared for the workforce.


Ryan began working for CJAWS, Inc. as a network technician in 2001 after completing his schooling at CLN.  His connection to the organization stemmed from his time at BC, where he attended classes with the son of the founder and longtime owner of CJAWS, Mr. Charles Shingle.  He worked with Charlie for 18 years before becoming president of the company in 2019.


Ryan is looking forward to accomplishing many things here at Bishop Carroll.  He remarked, “The focus of the team at CJAWS is for teachers and students to seamlessly integrate technology as part of their daily activities in the classroom.  They should want to use it because it makes teaching and learning easier, not feel like they have to use it just because it’s in the classroom.  Developing a cycle for device replacement, keeping up to date with the latest trends, and making sure end users are comfortable using the equipment they have are all important aspects of our goals and aspirations for BC.


The school community is grateful for the hard work that Ryan and his team are doing at Bishop Carroll.  Head of School Mr. Stephen Cotchen said, “The CJAWS team, under Ryan’s leadership, has done an outstanding job in analyzing our current technology systems, managing and improving them, and making recommendations for future projects.  They are extremely important in our school in keeping everything running smoothly and assisting in student learning.  I am grateful for their hard work and look forward to what they have in store in the future.”


He credits his time at Bishop Carroll for his ability to network with people in the area.  “Bishop Carroll provided the opportunity for me to make friends and connect with people from Ebensburg and the surrounding communities.  These relationships have lasted throughout the years and many of my classmates are colleagues in the technology industry or are resources for different aspects of the business.”


The pandemic has escalated the need for technology everywhere in the world, and Ryan only sees the demand increasing.  He said, “People are continuing to work from home and shop online at record rates which creates the need for constant and consistent internet in all urban and rural areas.  This creates even more jobs and career opportunities in the field of technology.”  As Ryan pointed out, technology is everywhere within the walls of any school building, and the 1:1 device programs now exist in almost every school, allowing for learning to take place in-person, virtually, or in a hybrid environment.  Several other aspects in school life are dependent on technology, including security for the school, point of sale systems, fire alarms, Esports, and live streaming sporting events.


Ryan and his wife Tracy have been married since June 2013 and reside in Ebensburg.  His proposal to Tracy was assisted by former MLB National League MVP Andrew McCutchen.  A year later, Cutch borrowed the idea and proposed to his fiancé on the Ellen DeGeneres show.  They have two miniature dachshunds named Cutch and Keisel, demonstrating his love for all Pittsburgh sports.  He is also a big fan of Notre Dame, enjoying time with family and friends, and vacationing at Disney World.  They are both looking forward to all of the new opportunities and challenges that life presents.