Positive Changes on Husky Hill for 2021-2022

During the last week of August, we welcomed our students back into our halls with excitement.  They have been greeted with many positive changes on Husky Hill.  Here is just a sampling of some of those changes:

Security Entrance – Our secure entrance is complete!  This will not only keep our students safer, but also help us better track who is in the building.  An entry vestibule has been added, and the main office moved to the former 101A.

Reopening of Aquinas Hall – The Boarding House reopened this year for the first time since spring of 2020.  Ms. Kelly Mack has taken over as the new International and Domestic Boarding Program Director.  We have students living at Aquinas now with the hopes of more to arrive at semester break.

Transportation from Indiana – Several students from the Indiana area are now enrolled at Bishop Carroll.  With that, the school runs a van for transportation.  Families in the Indiana area with interest in BC should contact the school!

Math Specialist – This year, Mrs. Dawn Mellott from the IU8 joins our staff two mornings a week as a math specialist.  She joins Ms. Amber Filkins, who is our reading specialist from the IU8.  Having Mrs. Mellott will greatly help our students who struggle in their math classes.

Father Jeremiah’s senior religion elective – We are pleased to have our chaplain, Father Jeremiah Lange, teach a senior religion elective entitled, “Why Believe?”  The series is sponsored by the Augustine Institute and focuses on the New Evangelization.

Expanded STAR Testing – Last school year, we were able to have one assessment with our students in Math and Reading through the STAR system.  This provided baseline data for us to work from this year in determining how to better the education of our students.  Testing will occur several times during the school year.

Football – We are grateful for the students and staff at Bishop McCort Catholic High School for welcoming our players to their team.  The transition has been nearly seamless, and the players are enjoying the experience.  It was great to have the team wear Husky jerseys for the first home game at Saint Francis University for Unity in Faith Night!

Junior High Football – This year also saw the return of the Junior High Football program to Husky Hill after a several year absence.  This team is separate from the co-op with Bishop McCort and is solely Prince Gallitzin Quadrant junior high participants.  We look forward to the program growing!

Soccer – Students from Bishop McCort have joined both our boys and girls soccer teams in a co-op.  Just as BMCHS is welcoming to our student-athletes on the football team, our teams have been just as open to welcome them.  Both teams look forward to great success!

Junior High Soccer – A co-ed junior high soccer team has also been created for this year, with a large number of participants from the Prince Gallitzin Quadrant and Divine Mercy Catholic Academy.  The students are learning skills that will carry over into their varsity years at Bishop Carroll.

The number of positive changes on Husky Hill keeps growing!  We are committed to providing the best experience for our students to help them become the best possible leaders of their families, communities, church, and world!