Growing Opportunities for Career Success through STREAM

As the world and the workforce evolve, Bishop Carroll is striving to make sure its curriculum meets the demands graduates will face in higher education and that students are ready to work in the fast-growing fields that will shape the future.

The addition of a STREAM lab is a high priority for the 2021-22 year.  STEAM education engages students around the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math. The R represents religion, which is at the core of all Catholic education teaching. Many alumni have gone on to successful careers and ventures in these areas, and now BC wants to bolster its curriculum to benefit current and future students.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects growth in STEM and STEAM-related occupations of 8.8% between now and 2029, compared to 3.4% for non-STEM/STEAM occupations. It also lists median annual wages of $86,980 for STEM/STEAM jobs, compared to $39,810 for all occupations. Beyond these statistics, careers in STEM/STEAM contribute to innovation and discovery in a wide range of fields that impact our lives, like healthcare and the environment, and in our armed forces. 

It’s critical that BC students are prepared to lead and succeed in these opportunities. Plans for the immediate build out of the STREAM LAB @ BC include 3D printers and other innovative printing, engraving and cutting equipment, robotics kits and various types of software. The space ,which will serve all grades at BC as well as K-8 students from local Catholic grade schools, will also be outfitted for student collaboration and independent study.

Do you have key insights that could help to advance this project or a passion for these innovative areas of study? Are you employed in a STEAM/STEM field? We want to hear from you about your experiences and get your input on this exciting project.

Contact Annalisa McCann in the alumni office to get involved and to learn the specifics on the STREAM LAB @ BC and to share your insights and expertise: [email protected] or (814) 472-7500 x104.