The First Line of Defense: Our Supportive Mothers

The administrators of Bishop Carroll Catholic High School work tirelessly to lead the school in a positive direction.  Their zeal and passion for Catholic education can be partially credited to the backing of their mothers, none of which attended a Catholic high school.  Regardless, through the work of their children and the education of their grandchildren, they see the benefits of Catholic Schools.


Joy Cotchen, Sandi Nagy, and Kathryn Farabaugh (Lynn Weber’s mother), all grew up with strong but different religious backgrounds.  Mrs. Cotchen is a Mennonite, Mrs. Nagy is a Methodist, and Mrs. Farabaugh is a Catholic.  Even though Mrs. Farabaugh attended Saint Nicholas Catholic School in Nicktown for grade school, she attended public high school, the same as Mrs. Cotchen and Mrs. Nagy.  That has not stopped any of them from supporting Catholic schools and Bishop Carroll.


All three mothers see the benefits of a Catholic education.  Mr. and Mrs. Farabaugh sent all five of their children to Saint Benedict School in Carrolltown for grade school.  Mrs. Farabaugh remarked, “I feel my children received a very good, stable start on their future from their Catholic school education, and I can really see the benefits of a Catholic high school in my grandchildren.  I can witness them growing into good, responsible young adults and I am thankful that they can practice their faith.”


Mr. Cotchen’s mother was thrilled when he was hired to teach at Bishop McCort, because she knew how much the faith was involved in the education there.  She was also proud when he moved into school administration, following in the footsteps of his grandfather.  Mrs. Cotchen added, “I am very supportive of BCCHS and his work there.  I believe he sees academics and faith taught together as a win-win for students as they further their education and nurture their faith journeys.”


Mrs. Nagy, just like Mrs. Cotchen, did not come from a Catholic background, and was unsure at first with sending her three children to Catholic school.  “We agreed to raise our children Catholic and part of that is a Catholic education.  Once my children started attending Saint Joseph’s School in Portage and later Bishop Carroll, I knew it was the right decision.  I truly believe that the parents that send their children to Catholic schools instill in their children respect, honesty, and caring.  Most importantly, there is prayer daily, which I believe everyone should have the opportunity to do.”


All three mothers are proud of the work happening on Husky Hill and look forward to the future growth of the school and the programs.  Mrs. Cotchen said, “I am excited that Stephen gets to help shape the future of BCCHS, and that he too will be shaped and challenged in his faith walk by the students, faculty, and community.”  Mrs. Farabaugh, who has also spent time working in the BCCHS cafeteria and has had a firsthand view of what is happening at the school, feels that Bishop Carroll is doing all of the right things to move the school and the students in the right direction.  She remarked, “Bishop Carroll is teaching how important God’s presence is, and our faith in God is so valuable and is very much necessary.”  Mrs. Nagy is grateful for the education that her children received at Bishop Carroll, saying, “I see the strong sense of leadership and morals in all alumni, but especially in my children.  In this day and age, our children need religion in their lives.  I believe that this world would be a different place if religion was a part of every household.  Good schooling instills the qualities in our children that make good adults further down the road.”


Mr. Cotchen, Mr. Nagy, and Mrs. Weber are grateful for the support of their mothers in their endeavors.  Mr. Nagy said, “From my time as a student at BCCHS all those many years ago, to now entering my 17th year on staff, my mother has always supported me and the work that we are doing at the school.  I find it remarkable how someone with no Catholic school background of her own can see so much value in Catholic education.”  Mr. Cotchen knows that he always has the supportive voice of his mother, saying, “My mom has always been there for me in life.  She has endorsed my decisions to keep working at a Catholic school and to provide my own children with a Catholic education.”  Mrs. Weber says, “My mother has been truly supportive in everything that I've done my whole life.  She has always taught me to do the right thing.  She has always stressed to be kind to others, for we don't know what battles others may be facing.  She has always taught me to work hard and appreciate the things that you have.  She also tells me to enjoy life and just breathe.  My mother is truly my inspiration to be a better person.”


Thank you, Mrs. Cotchen, Mrs. Nagy, and Mrs. Farabaugh, for your continued support of Bishop Carroll Catholic High School!