Security Entrance Project

The number one priority at Bishop Carroll has always been the well-being of our students.  We value the trust that families put in the school to educate their children in a safe and secure environment.  In order to better meet those expectations, one of the major projects being completed at the school this summer is the installation of a new, secure main entrance to the school.

The new entrance will be located around the corner from the current door.  Visitors will announce themselves in order to be buzzed into a security vestibule.  In order to gain entry into the school, visitors will have to present a valid driver’s license to be scanned through the new Raptor system, which will run a preliminary background check and, if the check runs clear, will print a visitor badge.  The staff will then be able to let the individual into the building.

Students who arrive outside of the normal arrival time will have to enter through this door, although a background check for them will not be necessary.  Parents who wish to enter the school will have to go through the security process.  If parents are simply picking up students, they can wait in the security vestibule and do not need to enter the building.  All sign-out procedures for students leaving the building will remain the same.

“Bishop Carroll has always prided itself on being a secure campus.  This will further enhance that concept,” said Head of School Steve Cotchen.  “This project not only shows our concern for the safety of our students, but it also demonstrates our commitment to continually making building improvements for the years to come.”

This project is an unofficial re-kick off of the Capital Campaign at Bishop Carroll.  Other projects for this phase include the installation of the new STREAM Lab, which will include technology and curriculum to allow for a practical application of Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Math projects.  Creating this state-of-the-art facility will further set Bishop Carroll apart from the other schools in the area.  Plans for the space also include allowing for the students in the Prince Gallitzin elementary schools the opportunity to use the technology and learn from our staff.

A third project for this phase of the Capital Campaign includes updates and renovations to the gymnasium, including the resurfacing of the gym floor.  This process, which was last completed nearly 30 years ago, will    last another 30 years.  Other projects in the gym will include renovations to the lobby, the restrooms, and the ceiling.

In addition to donations, we are also seeking dedicated individuals who are willing to serve on the Capital Campaign committee and help to make these projects become a reality for our students.  If you would like more information about the Capital Campaign, or any of the projects within the campaign, please contact Head of School Mr. Steve Cotchen at [email protected] or Alumni Office Manager Mrs. Annalisa McCann at [email protected].  Help us grow our school for our students!