Youth and Wellness Coordinator Focused on Getting Students Outdoors, Healthy

Bishop Carroll and the schools in the Prince Gallitzin Quadrant have hired Bubba Fatula as Youth Wellness Coordinator. Fatula is a familiar face—he’s led several safety sessions over the past several years, where he’s taught lockdown procedures and emergency operations plans to BC students before becoming the head football coach for the Huskies in 2020. 


Mr. Fatula is a former Police Detective and current owner of Threat Preparedness, The Fatula Group LLC. He travels the Northeast United States teaching people how to survive a crisis such as active shooter, bomb threat and human trafficking. He’s also the head football coach for the Huskies and has been coaching sports (football, baseball, softball) for over 20 years. 

“My position is to develop, implement, and combine youth athletics throughout the five parochial schools with the assistance of Bishop Carroll. In doing so, we hope to get more youth involved and excited about wellness and team participation. We know that when our youth is active, they are healthier, which is important to everyone involved,” he said.

The program has a shared goal across the varying age levels: providing opportunities for the youth to get more involved in athletic activities. Activities could include playing a team sport, participating in a wellness day or utilizing our weight room at BC, but are hopefully things that students will enjoy doing as individuals and together with peers.

“In the short term, I'm looking to build a relationship with the five schools. I want them to get to know me, and vice versa. I'm fortunate in that I've worked in the past as a safety consultant with several of the principals. In the long term, I'm hoping that together, we can encourage and motivate the students to participate in the activities, team sports, leagues and other gatherings that are put together for their benefit,” Mr. Fatula explained.

Right now, plans are in the works to hold several youth wellness events at Bishop Carroll that will give junior high and high schoolers the chance to get outside and get healthy!