New BC News Needs Your Voice

No fancy forms, no uploads, just a quick email. Annalisa Snair McCann ‘97 in the alumni office is waiting for your message! Just email her at Here are some things we’d love to know:

  • Tell us about your family—are you married? Do you have children? Where are you living and what do you love about your community?
  • Are you advancing your education or working in your dream career? Just starting out, or ready to retire? Tell us about it and how your BC experience is contributing to your career.
  • Do you volunteer in your community or parish? Enjoy spending time in your garden, on the water or in the woods? Do you play with your local symphony or sing in the church choir? What hobbies and talents continue to bring you joy?
  • Don’t forget the photos! New ones, old ones, funny ones—we’d love to see you now and would also love to publish your memories from Husky Hill!

BC grads are doing so much to make the world a better place, in their families, careers and communities. Share your story today so we can share it with the BC family!