Family Spotlight - The Simmons Family


A new feature article has been added to the monthly newsletter, highlighting a different Bishop Carroll family.  This month, we will be focusing on the Cindy and Jerry Simmons family.  The Simmons are a three-generation Bishop Carroll family starting with Cindy’s parents, Greg and Patti Zeglen.  Cindy graduated from BCCHS in 1991, daughter Abby in 2016, daughter Emma in 2018, and son Jacob will graduate in the year 2028.

 After graduating from BCCHS, Cindy pursued her dream of becoming an elementary special education teacher, which she has enjoyed for the last 25 years.  She said that “The supportive environment that was provided me at Bishop Carroll helped me to pursue my career.  Bishop Carroll helped me to build on my strong foundation of Catholic values.  BCCHS taught me the importance of self-discipline and high expectations.  My husband and I have carried these values over to our own children as well.”

 Abby registered at the Conemaugh School of Nursing after graduating from BC, became a Registered Nurse, and then completed her BSN at Grand Canyon University online.  She is currently employed at UPMC Altoona.  Abby remarked about her time at BC, “The things that I saw to be beneficial during my time at BC was the difficult classes and the great teachers, because they allowed me to push myself to my fullest potential.  It was very beneficial during my time at nursing school, because it was very challenging, but I knew good study habits that I gained from BC, which helped me to succeed.”  Abby added that anyone she has talked to recognizes the superior quality of a Bishop Carroll education.

 Emma enrolled at La Roche University after graduating from BCCHS but transferred to IUP as she saw it was a better fit for her.  She has found many benefits to her time there, including her membership in the Student Accounting Association, which represents many accounting firms.  She was presented with an internship at ARIN Intermediate Unite 28 and became the business office intern.  She said about her time on Husky Hill that, “BC has presented me with many opportunities that I continue to use in my everyday life.  BC has helped strengthen the foundation of faith in our home.  It has helped me to realize that no matter what I am going through, that I can always turn to help.”

 Cindy and Jerry believe that sending their children to Bishop Carrol was the best decision that they made.  “Daily exposure to the Catholic faith is important to developing a strong religious foundation,” said Cindy.  “If you want what is best for your children, whether faith, education, or health, Bishop Carroll provides a unique environment that allows the students to grow and prosper in their faith, all while receiving high academic standards.  The staff at BCCHS is dedicated to their faith, the students, and the school community.”  Emma seconds her mother’s sentiments by saying, “My education at Bishop Carroll was extraordinary and helped shape me into the person that I am today.”

 Congratulations to the Simmons family on all of your success!  We invite all Bishop Carroll families to send their updates to the school for future featured family articles.  Please send your updates to Mr. Nagy at [email protected]