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Faith Based Education

Bishop Carroll empowers young people—faced with daily challenges inside and outside the classroom—to be role models of the Catholic faith, to sustain an intellectual curiosity about the world, to remain joyous in their humanity, and to demonstrate love in their personal relationships and service to others.

Students of all faiths are welcome at Bishop Carroll. All of our students and families benefit from Bishop Carroll’s supportive, nurturing environment, where each student’s unique abilities and talents are acknowledged and encouraged. In addition to academic excellence, our faculty stresses the importance of critical thinking, of living by high ethical standards, and of thinking and acting independently according to a faith, values and principles.

The Bishop Carroll community believes that students can fully develop through a combination of these vital, collaborative forces:


  • Our Catholic faith and its teachings and values
  • A challenging academic curriculum
  • A dedicated faculty and staff
  • Active, involved families and friends


Bishop Carroll Catholic High School fosters growth in the Catholic faith both in knowledge and in virtue so that our students will live through expressions of faith, demonstrating compassion and respect in loving service to others. All members of our community are called to be role models of the Catholic faith and of the Gospel commandment of love.