Family Spotlight - The Tremels

Bishop Carroll Catholic High School is proud to have many three generation families that carry on the faith, morals, and values instilled on Husky Hill.  One such family is the Tremel family.

Tim and Ann Louise (Quinn) Tremel are both graduates of the Bishop Carroll class of 1971.  They then proceeded to send their three children, John (BC Class of 1998), Michael (Class of 2000), and Kathryn (Class of 2005).  Michael married Amie Simanski (Class of 2006), and John married Kelly Valeria (Class of 1998).  Kelly’s mother, Maryann (Hoover) Valeria is a graduate of the class of 1968.  Additionally, numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins in the Tremel, Quinn, Hoover, and Valeria families have attended or will attend Bishop Carroll.

John and Kelly are excited to be able to provide a Catholic education to their three sons, Will (Class of 2025), Samuel (Class of 2026), and Jack (Class of 2029).  They hope that their boys carry on the tradition of being active Huskies at Bishop Carroll.  Members of the family have been involved over the years in almost every sport and activity, with many being on championship teams in basketball, football, and cheerleading teams.  Will is currently a member of the BC soccer, basketball, baseball, and track teams.

John and Kelly were happy to be able to make the choice of Catholic education for their sons because they see the direct results of what time at Bishop Carroll did for them and will do for their children.  They commented, “Bishop Carroll’s discipline, rigorous academic requirements and faith-based curriculum are a strong foundation for success in college and beyond.”

 Will is grateful to his parents for choosing to send him to Bishop Carroll.  He said, “I really like Bishop Carroll so far.  The classes are challenging, the teachers are great, and I love having religion as an important part of my education.”  Will is looking forward to many things during his time here, including meeting new people and trying new things, and is excited to have his brothers also follow him here.  “I want to thank my parents for sending me here, because I know this is the best school,” said Will.

 We are glad to have the next generation of the Tremels attend Bishop Carroll Catholic High School and are proud of all who have come before them.  Thank you for your commitment to Catholic education!


The Tremel Family

(Left to right) Michael Tremel, Amie Tremel, Abigail, Ann Louise Tremel, Kelly Tremel, Vivian Armenteros, Samuel Tremel, John Tremel, Jack Tremel, William Tremel, Teddy Armenteros, James Tremel, Kathryn Armenteros, Isabella Tremel, Danny Armenteros, Tim Tremel