Dual Enrollment Credits at BC

Imagine saving thousands of dollars and countless hours on college while still attending high school.  That is the reality at Bishop Carroll Catholic High School!  Through various partnerships with local colleges and universities, BCCHS students are able to take classes in their regular schedule, taught by our qualified faculty, while at the same time earning credits.
Each fall, students sign up for the classes through the various colleges.  Our teachers then teach the course and then report the grades to the schools.  Students are then able to transfer those credits to the colleges that they desire upon graduation from BCCHS.  The cost per credit ranges from $55 to $65, which is on average, 90% less than what they will pay at those schools!  In recent years, some students have graduated with 24, 27, 31, and 36 credits.  Not only does that save money, but these credits also save students time in college, allowing them to graduate early or obtain a minor, a dual major, or even another degree in the same four-year time period.  2021 graduate Ellie Long attends West Chester University outside of Philadelphia.  She earned over 30 credits while attending Bishop Carroll, as well as being able to opt out of several classes at West Chester because of her education on Husky Hill.  She said, “This program should be something that every student signs up for at BC.  It will save countless hours and thousands of dollars.  The teachers are excellent, and Bishop Carroll is respected among colleges.”
Adison Divido, 2018 BCCHS alum, was able to graduate from UPJ in three years because of the Dual Enrollment classes she took here.  She spoke highly of the program, saying, “There are many things that if I could, I would go back in time and tell my teenage self to change or do differently.  However, taking dual enrollment at Bishop Carroll is not one of those things!  The program is a fantastic opportunity that as a high school student, you do not want to miss!  Dual Enrollment allowed me to graduate high school with 21 college credits, which is more than an entire college semester.  I have now graduated from college in three years and am able to take a year off before graduate school.  Along with this, I was able to experience a trip to France with dual enrollment through Saint Francis.  The payoff for the courses is worth it!  I can’t say enough about the program and encourage everyone to take advantage!”
Here is the current list of Dual Enrollment/College in High School courses offered at Bishop Carroll Catholic High School:
        Mount Aloysius College/Dual Enrollment
Advanced Anatomy and Physiology           BIOL 201              4 credits
AP Biology                                                  BIOL 101              4 credits
AP Advanced English12                             ENGL102             3 credits
Advanced Trig/Pre-Calculus                       MATH 113           3 credits
AP /Advanced Calculus                              MATH 117           4 credits
AP Computer Science                                CSIT 281              3 credits
Advanced Accounting 1                              ACCT 101            3 credits
AP U.S. History                                           HIST 202              3 credits
Advanced Honor Chemistry                        CHEM 101           4 credits
Advanced Spanish 3                                  SPAN 101            3 credits
         St. Francis University/Dual Enrollment
Advanced Math Statistics                           STAT 101            3 credits
Advanced Physics                                      PHYS 104            4 credits
Advanced Spanish 3                                  SPAN 112            3 credits
Advanced Spanish 4                                  SPAN 201            3 credits
Advanced Honor Chemistry                       CHEM 101           4 credits
Advanced Latin 3                                       LATN 102            3 credits
Advanced Latin 4                                       LATN 201            3 credits
Advanced Business in Global Society       BUS 101               3 credits
Summer in France                                     FNAR 102            3 credits
Summer in Austria                                     Pending                3 credits
        Carlow University/Dual Enrollment 
Advanced Trig/Pre-Calculus                      MAT 150              3 credits
AP/Advanced Calculus                              MAT  160             4 credits
        Penn Highlands Community College/Dual Enrollment
AP Biology                                                BIO 110                4 credits
Advanced Anatomy/Physiology              BIO 260                4 credits

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