Quadrant Corner



It’s a new year and a new name for St. Nicholas Catholic School! After joining the consolidation of NCCS in 1971, only St. Nicholas parish remains fully involved today. The name change comes just in time for the school’s 100th anniversary in 2023!  


We have been busy at St. Nicholas Catholic School. Students in 7th and 8th grades are working on their Guess Who projects for the year. The students choose a person or character from history and conduct research. Each student dresses up as their person with a robe covering their costume. The students write 10 questions for the other students to “guess who” they are. The students also present their questions to parents at the annual Halloween parade. This is a fun tradition for everyone! 


Students in 5th and 6th grades are beginning their saint projects. The students choose a saint and write a research paper that includes the saint’s dates of birth, death, canonization, what he/she is the patron of, and interesting facts about his/her life. The students also dress up as their saint and give a presentation to parents on the day of the Halloween parade. It is amazing to learn about so many wonderful saints each year! 


St. Nicholas Student Council elections will be held very soon. Students in 7th and 8th grades are running for President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Each homeroom will also have a representative. These students work together to plan service projects and fun events for our school community. Check next month’s column to find out who our winners are! 




The third grade class made apple cider in September with the Weakland family.


The school celebrated the Feast of Saint Michael the Archangel on September 29.  Saint Michael is the patron of the school and the parish.  Here are some images from both events!




Helloooooooo Junior Huskies!  Great things are happening here at Holy Name School, just a short jaunt down the street from Husky Hill! Our 8th grade students are enjoying the opportunity to engage in Math Enrichment twice a week. Enrichment activities not only reinforce the mathematics curriculum, but also involve higher order thinking skills, perseverance, and group learning activities. So far, we have completed the Four Fours challenge, Squares, Squares, Squares, and the very popular Crazy Eights. These activities enrich the students’ understanding of math content and promote discussions about mathematical concepts which results in better understanding and better problem-solving skills.


The math curriculum is prescriptive to fit the instructional needs of every student. Following the STAR 360 math assessment, it was decided to advance the 6th grade advanced math students into Pre-Algebra, and the 7th grade advanced students into Algebra. To learn math, they are encouraged to do math, and talk about math. They are enriched through weekly challenges like the Impossible Bridge and Sudoku as well as other number challenges.


Students at Holy Name School have already completed several service projects this year helping those near and far.  The school collected new and gently used shoes for Soles For Jesus, an organization dedicated to sharing the love of Christ by distributing shoes to the under-served people in sub-Saharan Africa. Additionally, the students decorated new shoes with bright images and messages of hope.  Overall, 1,171 pairs of shoes were donated.


In preparation for October, the month of the Rosary, our 7th and 8th grade students crafted 220 beautiful one-decade rosaries to be distributed to residents of local nursing homes.





We are proud and excited to announce our first-grade teacher, Tajia Zedek, as a winner in the 2021 Staples Thank a Teacher Contest. As part of its continued evolution to Staples Connect, the working and learning store, Staples US Retail announced 20 winners of the 2021 Thank A Teacher Contest. This contest was designed to give parents, students, and supporters a platform to recognize an outstanding teacher who has made a positive impact on the lives of their students. Thousands of heartfelt nominations were submitted that gave accolades to teachers who, despite the uncertainties of the past year, have continuously gone above and beyond to give students a successful and positive learning experience. We are so grateful she is part of our ASCS family! 





Here is the latest news from Saint Benedict School:


Congratulations to our staff members for their years of Service to the Diocese.

Clare Eckenrode- 5 years

Betty Ann Bensor- 25 years

Kim Lallemand – 30 years


 Our PreK 3 and PK 4 students attended a field trip at Weakland Farms this past Friday. Gloria Demi is our Pre-school teacher.


 Our K, 1st, 2nd,3rd graders will be attending a field trip to Hite Farm to enjoy many festivities and a corn maze.


 Our students and Faculty are praying the Rosary every Friday in October at 1:45 in the Church.


Our Fourth graders will be attending the Jaffa Circus on October 15th.


The Carrolltown Fire Department will be visiting our school next week to discuss Fire Safety and show the younger grades all of their fire equipment.


Trick or Trunk is schedule for Sunday, October 17th from 2-4 p.m. for our students to enjoy dressing up for Halloween and doing fall activities.


Great things are being accomplished at each grade school!  For more information about enrolling at each school, please use the following information:


All Saints Catholic School

Mrs. Kathy Maurer, Principal


(814) 886 – 7942


Holy Name School

Mrs. Robin McMullen, Principal


(814) 472 – 8817


Saint Nicholas Catholic School

Mrs. Theresa Burba, Principal


(814) 948 - 8900


Saint Benedict School

Mr. Jeff Maucieri, Principal


(814) 344 – 6512


Saint Michael School

Mrs. Rhonda Seymour, Principal


(814) 472 - 9117