Family Spotlight - The Scott and Christine Farabaugh Family

For Scott and Christine Farabaugh, sending their seven children to Catholic school was a no-brainer.  Strong supporters of both Northern Cambria Catholic and Bishop Carroll Catholic High School, Scott and Chrissy, who is also a Bishop Carroll graduate, said, “We chose to send our children to Catholic school to continue to build on the faith that we have taught them since they were born.  As parents, it is our primary responsibility to get our children to Heaven."

 The Farabaugh children, Sarah (BC class of 2019), Nathan (2021), David (2023), Daniel (2025), Megan (2027), Andrew (2029), and Michael (2031), all have had wonderful experiences in Catholic schools.  Sarah spoke highly of her years in Catholic school, saying, “My Catholic education is what made me the person I am today.  My years at NCCS and BCCHS fostered my love of God, shaped my Christian morals, and gave me so much hope and confidence in my faith and myself that could be found at no other school.  I am so blessed to have been able to attend these Catholic schools.  Nathan speaks about how Catholic education gave him the opportunity to learn and how to follow Jesus.  He said, “It is so essential during the teenage years to have a strong relationship with Jesus, for with Him, I know all things are possible.  David, a sophomore this year, remarked, “My Catholic education has been essential to the development of my character and ideals.  Not only has it helped me intellectually, but it has also guided me spiritually.”

 The younger Farabaugh children are all in school at Northern Cambria Catholic.  Daniel, who will be a freshman next year at BCCHS, said, “Our main goal is to go to Heaven and my Catholic education will help me get there.”  Megan also echoed Daniel’s sentiments about the faith education by saying, “My religion teacher is great because she teaches me about our religion; and our religion is like history – but better.  I like learning about the Bible then going to Church and knowing exactly what the readings mean.”  Andrew believes it is important to know how to follow God, remarking, “Jesus should be the center of our lives.  If He is, we will have a great reward in Heaven.”  Michael, the youngest, recognizes the importance of the faith, saying, “I learn at school that Jesus is the best person in the world!”

Sarah fully believes in Catholic education and is grateful for her experiences at both NCCS and BCCHS.  She said, “Even though there is so much confusion and darkness in our world today, my education has given me the courage and knowledge I need to be a strong Catholic.  Our faith is at the center of my family.  My parents have diligently tried to raise us to be strong Catholics and our schools are the perfect extension of our faith journey.  It is amazing when the faith we learn at home is reinforced at school.”

 The Farabaughs know that Catholic education is the right choice.  They all joined together in saying, “Bishop Carroll is worth every penny!  You are not going to regret it!”  Sarah could not be more appreciative to her parents for choosing Bishop Carroll for her and her siblings.  “I loved every moment at Bishop Carroll and am so happy my parents chose to send me there.”

 Thank you to the Farabaugh family for entrusting your children to us.  We look forward to many years of Farabaughs coming through Bishop Carroll!