Parent/Family Involvement

Parent and family involvement is critical to student success at all levels of education. Bishop Carroll works hard to make parents and families as much a part of the school as the student body.

We are blessed to have active, involved families who care deeply about the progress of their children, academically, behaviorally, spiritually and in all areas of life. Opportunities to volunteer at school and in activities and athletics are available to interested families who must complete the requirements and clearances of Protecting God’s Children.

Parents are true partners of BC. Our parents and families are our best and most important supporters of our faculty, administration and students, and we delight in adding new families to the Bishop Carroll community.

Parents describe their investment at Bishop Carroll as “worthwhile” and “life-changing” for their children, citing safety, personal attention, high quality academics, fellowship and faith among the school’s many unique qualities.



"Bishop Carroll Catholic High School provides a safe, loving environment where students receive the best possible education while at the same time are immersed in strong Christian values. It’s a package deal! It is not always easy to keep Catholic Education a priority, but we feel it’s important to the future of the world! That’s why we choose to send our children to BCCHS."

- Ken ’86 & Carol ’87 Schall, Carrolltown
Parents of Josh (2011), Megan (2012), Jonathan (2014), Maria (2017), Kaylee (2019)



“It is important that a school provide a solid academic foundation and a reasonable number of extracurricular activities for its students. Bishop Carroll does so. But for us, the deciding factor in the choice of where to send our children for high school is the ability of Bishop Carroll to infuse the entire day with religion. Academics and activities are presented in a way that reinforces the morals and values that we present to our children at home.”

- Dave and Peggy Hegemann, Cresson
Parents of Rob (2003), Rose (2004), Pat (2006), Mike (2007), Jake (2012), Ed (2015) and John (2019)



“We believe in Bishop Carroll because of the strong academic and faith-based atmosphere. Our children receive an excellent education, in a small class size setting, from knowledgeable faculty that truly care. The Catholic values taught in the classroom also extend to the sports programs and extracurricular activities led by dedicated coaches and teachers.”

- Scott and Carolyn ’84 Semelsberger, Northern Cambria
Parents of Alexa (2010) and Brooke (2014)



“We send our children to Bishop Carroll because it is our duty as Catholics to give them the best Catholic education possible. At BC they get five, 40-minute classes about their faith every week, compared to one hour at Religious Ed. They also have the opportunity to go to Mass together on holy days and special times. The uniforms are great, too – no hassles every morning.”

- Mark and Alma ’78 Kline, Nicktown
Parents of Luke (2007), Sharon (2008), Elizabeth (2009), Maria (2011), Abigail (2014), Jacob (2015) and Anna (2017)



"Spirit. Heart. Mind. Body. These are not just words to us, but truly the difference between Bishop Carroll and other local high schools. We chose this Christ-centered education because of the opportunity for our kids to develop a foundation for their whole person."

- Patrick ’87 and Viki ’88 Krug, Loretto
Parents of Jarod (2012), Haley (2014), and Britt (2017)



"Bishop Carroll provides our children with strong academics and a clear moral focus, based on our faith. We really value this education that addresses the whole person – so that our children will become moral, well-educated adults." -

- Jeff and Jean Vasilko, Portage
Parents of Molly (2009), Rachel (2009), Jeffrey (2012), Luke (2014), and Madeline (2017)



"Bishop Carroll provides our children with a faith-filled atmosphere not only in the classroom but in every aspect of daily living. We have chosen to send our children to Bishop Carroll so that they can be nourished deeper in their faith and become God-loving young adults who venture into the world and make it a better place.”

- Tom and Nancy Laino, Cresson
Parents of Becky (2001), Stephanie (2006), and Richard (2010)



"My BC experience is best summarized as follows: a Christ-centered, character building, and value driven education. My education and life experiences at Bishop Carroll provided a strong foundation for the future. I have had two sons graduate from Bishop Carroll Catholic High School. I have realized that, while the quality education has been enhanced and strengthened over the years, I am encouraged that the core values, Christ centered environment, and mission of the school are the same as they were in the seventies.”

- Victor Tranquillo, Ebensburg
Father of Victor (2008) and Vincenzo (2011)

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